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Second Hand Uniform

The second-hand uniform and goods store (SHUGS) is run by parent volunteers. An opportunity is provided for parents to buy and sell second-hand uniform, sports shoes and equipment. Opening is at set times at the beginning of each term and half term and an annual sale is also held which is timed to benefit parents attending New Boys’ Reception Afternoon but is also open to current parents. All funds raised support the School.

Opening Times 2016/2017

Day and Time            

8.30am - 9.30am

14 September

2 November

4 January

22 February

19 April

7 June

12.45pm - 1.30pm

15 September

3 November

5 January

23 February

20 April

8 June

9.30am - 10.45am

17 September

5 November

No opening

25 February

22 April

10 June

3.30pm - 4.30pm

20 September

8 November

10 January

28 February

25 April

13 June

We always need more stock.

We can also open on request at a mutually convenient time. Please email one of our team to arrange this: Sally Townsend-SmithJulie Tremble, Adity Combes or Cherry Delaney.

Location of SHUGS Store

New volunteers are always welcome, whether to help out regularly or just at the annual sale. To volunteer or for further information please contact Julie Tremble, Adity Combes or Cherry Delaney. 

A list of items

We sell current school uniform, sports kit and equipment. A list of the items which you may find when you visit us is given below. You may email us before you visit to check whether we have the size that you require. Please note that we accept cash or cheques only.

Uniform RGS Sports Kit Equipment Footwear Other

Dark/Charcoal grey trousers (not black or mid-grey. Must be from a school outfitter brand eg David Luke),


Navy jumpers,

Grey jumpers
with burgundy
and green stripes,

School and house ties

(Please note we are no longer accepting white shirts unless they are brand new. No Sixth Form suits, coats or dinner suits.)

PE polo shirts
and shorts,

Rugby shirts
and shorts,

Tracksuit tops and bottoms,

Grey hoodies

House rugby shirts,

Cricket trousers,
shirts and jumpers,

Base layers

(Please note we are no longer accepting non-uniform sports clothing.)

Hockey sticks and bags, 

Cricket bats, boxes,
pads, gloves
and helmets, 

Hockey or football
shin pads and ankle protectors, 

Rugby scrum caps,
body armour and gloves, 

Football goalkeeper gloves.

(Please note we are no longer accepting other sports kit and equipment.)

Rugby, football,

cricket and hockey boots,

Athletics spikes,

Walking or hiking
shoes and boots

(Please note we cannot accept any footwear below size 5 or any other type of footwear not included in the list above,)

School coats,
windcheaters and
(suitable to wear to school and for
Duke of Edinburgh
and other outdoor pursuits)

Scouts fleeces,

trousers, shirts,
scarves, belts etc

Which items can I sell?

We sell current school uniform, sports kit and equipment.  All items offered for sale must be clean, of good quality and have all sewn-on name labels removed. Items which are well-presented will always sell quicker and command higher prices. In the light of our experience we offer the following specific advice to help sellers to only label up items that we are likely to sell:

  • Only Charcoal/Dark Grey trousers (not black or mid-grey). We strongly advise sellers only to submit school outfitter makes of trousers (eg David Luke, Trutex) as we have no demand for fashion brands. Please do check the knees of trousers before submitting as wear in this area often thwarts a sale.
  • Please do not submit any clothing below age 11/12. Buyers are only looking for clothing suitable for RGS age boys.
  • Footwear must be no smaller than size 5; we have no demand for smaller sizes. We sell specialist sporting footwear; rugby, hockey, football, cricket and walking boots. They must be clean, have laces and studs as appropriate and be undamaged. Please do not submit school shoes, standard training shoes, CCF boots, ski boots, sandals and fashion shoes.

To avoid disappointment we are no longer accepting the following:

  • Green pullover track tops with RGS logo and 6th Form PE shirts with RGS logo as these are no longer current uniform.
  • Non-uniform sports kit that has an RGS equivalent such as cricket trousers, shirts and jumpers and white rugby shorts or baselayers.
  • Non-uniform Sixth Form clothing, eg suits and coloured shirts, coats and dinner suits.
  • Ski-wear.
  • Boot bags and sports bags.

How do I price items?

It is the seller’s responsibility to price the items for sale; we cannot do this for you. As a rough rule of thumb 40 – 50% of the original price is appropriate for an item which is in excellent condition, 25 – 30% for good condition and 10 – 15% for usable items.  Items that are keenly priced will always sell. Items that are in short supply will demand higher prices as will items that bear the school logo. We have a large supply of generic items (such as dark grey trousers and navy jumpers) so you should bear this in mind when you price these items. We have less demand for larger sizes so larger blazers, trousers and jumpers will also need to be priced more keenly to attract a sale.  Please only price in full pounds.

How do I label items?

We only accept items that have been labelled using our label proforma and we respectfully request that you write clearly and provide all the required information. Please use a safety pin to attach completed labels to each item.

Seller's Label Proforma

Where can I drop off items?

We welcome items for sale at any time and you can get them to us either by dropping them into the School Office in a bag marked for the attention of SHUGS or by bringing them direct to us when we are open.

What are the Terms and Conditions?

Commission on all sales is 25%. All our proceeds go to the RGSPA to be used for the benefit of the boys and the wider school community. We aim to reimburse sellers twice per school year. We make payments electronically and invite all sellers to provide bank details (name on account, account number and sort code). Sellers will receive an email when a payment is to be made along with a receipt itemising what has been sold.

What happens to items which do not sell?

We will try to sell your items for 12 months. The label proforma asks you to state the month and year that you submit the items so that we can ensure that they are offered for sale for a full year. You are welcome to contact us to find out the status of your items and to collect any unsold items from our store when it is open at any time during that year. Any items that remain unsold in our stock at the end of the year will automatically become SHUGS stock. Our new label template reflects this policy.

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