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Monday Period 8

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The School Archives form an important record of all matters to do with the RGS. The small team catalogues the Archive to ensure that the School’s history is available when required and also completes research on specific students and events to ensure that the record is thorough. Displays are produced and used throughout the School.

Art Appreciation

Students with an interest in Art and Aesthetics research and present a prepared illustrated paper on a chosen Art historical or cultural topic. On Field Days, visits are arranged to exhibitions and art collections in London.


The Bridge option firstly teaches the participants to play bridge, both rubber and duplicate with occasional online play; the remaining time is spent practising and honing these skills. On Field Days, the group takes part in locally-based walks and rambles accompanied by staff.

Combined Cadet Force

The Combined Cadet Force at the RGS is made up of all three services. Cadets complete both theoretical and practical training on a Monday and utilise local military facilities on Field Days. Camps and courses run for all cadets both in the UK and overseas. The Sixth Form cadets are appointed into NCO positions and run the training.

Community Service Group

Whether through companionship and conversation or serving in a shop or painting a shed, the Community Service Group exists to give something back to the local community. The group works in four main areas: visiting elderly people; helping with after-school clubs at primary schools; assisting disabled people; and serving in local charity shops.

Chelsea Academy and Junior School Teaching Assistants

Boys act as teaching assistants at a local junior school both inside and outside the classroom; this work constitutes part of the boys’ training prior to going to a senior school in London, the Chelsea Academy, on Field Days. This is a very exciting academy in inner London with many of the children coming from socially-disadvantaged backgrounds. On Field Days, boys do individual and small group-work with Year 7 and 8 children.


Boys have the chance to explore, develop and perform drama pieces in a variety of styles. All boys are given the chance to experiment with different styles of drama, write scripts, improve their performance skills and learn about lighting and other technical aspects of drama. Field Days involve workshops and performances run by professional theatre companies and visiting practitioners. In the last year, there have been practical workshops on lighting, trauma make-up, mask work, puppetry, as well as a performance of Woyzeck from a visiting theatre company.

Explorer Scouts

The Period 8 program includes a wide range of indoor and outdoor activities throughout the year. Activities such as climbing and canoeing have featured on Field Days as well as conservation, archery and shooting. All scouts also have the opportunity to learn new skills from cooking to pioneering and wood carving.

All Explorer Scouts have the opportunity to work towards the Chief Scout Awards that are the equivalent of the Duke of Edinburgh awards including the highest award, The Queens Scout Award.  They also have opportunities during the year to take part in District Explorer Scout events, notably the Packman Flag in October, Eagle Trophy in January and the Explorer Cooking competition in March.

Summer trips and expeditions form an integral part of the Scouting activities with summer camps taking place at various destinations in the UK as well as overseas. Fund-raising makes these trips accessible to all members. The most recent being the Moroccan Desert Adventure in 2014 and the Yorkshire 3 Peaks in 2015. In 2016 there will be a trip to Kandersteg, the International Scouting Centre.


To produce a high-quality publication such as The Guildfordian requires a dedicated team of editors and sub-editors to write, collate, check and approve copy for the magazine. Under the direction of the editor, the boys take responsibility for producing their section of the magazine. Field Days allow for further work to take place and for design meetings with the external printing company.


Boys take part in locally-based walks and rambles accompanied by staff taking the opportunity to visit the accessible Surrey countryside. Classroom-based sessions, owing to inclement weather or darkness, cover different aspects of planning day excursions.

Latin Primary School Project

Boys go to Boxgrove Primary School to teach beginners’ Latin to gifted and talented pupils using a course-book called Minimus. A combination of group teaching and one-on-one tuition is delivered. Some of the Field Days are used to do basic teacher training and to prepare resources; during others, trips are organised by the RGS boys for the Boxgrove students.

Lifesaving and Surfing

Boys complete modules including: RLSS Bronze Medallion Lifesaving Award, Surf Science and Surf Fitness. Field Days provide the opportunity for extended trips to the coast, often to Cornwall, where the boys put into practice the skills developed.

Mountain Biking

Boys ride trails around the local area making the most of the wealth of local opportunities for mountain-biking; during winter months boys complete technique work, fitness work, route planning and bike maintenance. On Field Days boys visit the local Surrey Hills and Swinley Forest; areas nationally recognised as having superb mountain biking trails.


This option is designed to prepare boys for climbing and mountaineering expeditions. Boys develop climbing strength and skill by climbing at an indoor centre; other sessions foster boys’ confidence and competence in mountainous environments with demonstrations, films and practical challenges. Field Days offer activities including mountaineering expeditions, rock climbing, climbing coaching and scrambling.

Music Scholar Programme

RGS Music Scholars who opt for this activity are able to use this time to develop both their solo and ensemble skills under the supervision of the music staff. They have the opportunity to participate in a series of workshops and master-classes given by visiting professional musicians. Participants may also take part in informal concerts in the wider community and other activities arranged by the department.

Outdoor Pursuits

Outdoor Pursuits is the non-uniformed alternative to Scouts or the Combined Cadet Force for Third to Fifth Form boys. It provides them with a wide variety of skills and experiences which will help them to enjoy and become enthusiastic about the great outdoors. These are life skills which will equip the boys with the knowledge and experience needed to have fun, as well as to be active, safe, resourceful and self-sufficient in a wide variety of environments. Field Days are organised so that the boys get the chance to practise the skills they have learned.

Outdoor Pursuits is not an award system. The most crucial aspects of this option are the process of learning new skills, gaining knowledge of new situations and environments, and developing an interest and enthusiasm for adventure and the wider world. Some of the programme does provide the opportunity for certification and progression through the years; however, the chance for participation and enjoyment are the over-riding aims.

Set Construction Group

The Set Construction Group constructs the set and builds props to support upcoming dramatic productions at the RGS. Boys, for the most part, have studied Technology to GCSE level and higher, but applications from all boys are considered. The boys develop their theoretical expertise in a very practical setting and work to tight deadlines.

Sports Coaching

Sports Coaching provides an opportunity for students who enjoy sport to give something back to the School’s sports programme. The programme follows the School’s major sport of that term and provides the students with an opportunity to learn the basic theory behind coaching and a chance to put this theory into practice by coaching sessions with junior boys.

"The boys are encouraged to be self-motivated, independent learners; lessons are intensive and conducted at a brisk pace"
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