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Educational outreach

The RGS provides a number of opportunities for pupils from local schools which aims to share the expertise, facilities and resources of the RGS with those in the local community. From a significant number of initiatives, these include:


Masterclasses are intended for able girls and boys in their final year of primary school. The classes are aimed at able pupils who are judged to have potential and interest, as well as enthusiasm and persistence. Pupils have the opportunity to attend sessions on Design and Technology, Drama, Mathematics, Science and Modern Languages. The emphasis of the classes is on stimulation, discovery and enjoyment.

Primary Schools Project

Introduced in September 2008, the Primary Schools Project provides an authentic Tudor experience to Year Five classes from local primary schools which have the opportunity to visit the RGS for a day. The aim is to build on their knowledge of the Tudor period and develop a greater understanding of life at that time.

On average twelve schools and over 600 pupils visit the RGS each year to have a tour of the Old Building and Chained Library and immerse themselves in Tudor-themed lessons. A history quiz reinforces their existing knowledge; they then study weapons and warfare and enjoy firing catapults. They look at the use of anamorphosis, where images are painted in a distorted way but look normal when viewed from a different angle, in Hans Holbein’s painting of The Ambassadors and reproduce their own versions. They listen to and identify different medieval instruments and learn a dance. The day is drawn together with a final ICT session.

Strings Scheme

Since September 2011, every pupil in Year Four at St Thomas of Canterbury Catholic Primary School, Guildford, has started to learn either the violin or the ‘cello, during normal curriculum time, under the expert tuition of a team of teachers.

Instruments, music and enthusiasm are provided for free. Pupils are divided into four groups of 15 and each term culminates in a concert showcasing the achievements of the instrumentalists, to which families and friends are warmly invited.

There are many opportunities both within the year and afterwards to perform to others and to join in with the many orchestras and ensembles that already exist in Guildford.

Summer School

The annual Summer School is intended for academically able girls and boys in Year Five of state maintained primary schools. The Summer School provides Primary School pupils with a stimulating educational experience which stretches and develops them intellectually and expands and enhances their learning.

There are six academic lessons and one sports session per day taught by RGS staff. The subjects taught usually include Art, Classical Civilisation, English and Drama, ICT, Mathematics, Modern Languages which traditionally include Chinese, German, Japanese and Russian, Music and Science. The focus of the teaching is on engaging and challenging the pupils in a different environment.

"Pupils overwhelmingly enjoy being at the school"
ISI Report 2014