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First Impressions

On my first day at the RGS, I was quite nervous but the teachers, prefects and other boys made me feel really comfortable immediately.

After walking through the gates for the first time I immediately recognised many faces through sport activities I had done before and this helped me to settle in quickly.

Throughout my first half term at the RGS what really struck me was how friendly the Sixth Form boys were. They were always really nice to talk to whether it was in the lunch queue or at the house meetings or through the mentor system where an older boy provides an informal support and advice. They also helped me find my way around school whenever I got lost! Each boy is also put in a form group and Miss Simpson, as well as the Head of Year Mrs Whitehead have always been friendly and helpful.

Within just a few weeks of starting, I had some fantastic opportunities. One of the highlights was the welcome rugby session which helped me to get to know lots of people in the year group and I was impressed how much I learnt. I am now in the A team for rugby but there are also B, C and D teams so on a Saturday most of our year group are representing the School. I had also never played piano before but my music teacher helped me, and now I really enjoy piano lessons. The Societies Fair had stalls for about 70 clubs and societies and there is something for everyone and I would recommend that boys should join as many clubs as they can.

I was worried how difficult it would be academically, but I am loving all the lessons. The teachers make learning fun, interesting and competitive and I have already done lots of new things – I have particularly enjoyed all the practical experiments in the science lessons.

Probably, the best experience so far was the annual bonding weekend when all the First Form boys, the tutors, the Sixth Form prefects go on an adventure weekend to Little Canada on the Isle of Wight. I made lots of new friends and had a brilliant time.

I have loved every aspect of the RGS so far and I would definitely recommend the School to all my friends.

First Form student

"I have loved every aspect of the RGS so far"
Alex - First Form Boy