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School uniform

The official school outfitters are Guildford Schools and Sport, 210 London Road, Burpham, Guildford GU4 7JS, which stocks all items of approved school uniform. Boys are allowed to come to school wearing items purchased from other suppliers only if each item is identical in style, colour and quality with the item supplied officially.

School Uniform

  • A single-breasted dark blue blazer with black buttons and with the School badge on the breast pocket
  • Plain, dark grey, long tailored trousers. Belts, if worn, must be black; braces if worn, should not show
  • A plain white or grey shirt designed to be worn with a tie. Vests or T-shirts, if worn under a white shirt, must be plain white
  • An official RGS tie
  • Plain, dark grey socks; black, polished leather shoes
  • A grey or dark blue, v-neck pullover with or without sleeves
  • A plain, dark grey, dark blue or black raincoat or anorak. Waist-length over-garments and ex-service style greatcoats are not allowed
  • A woollen scarf in the School colours: green, maroon and white

Sixth Form Uniform

All Sixth Formers

  • A black, charcoal grey or navy blue, 2 or 3 button, single-breasted business suit - plain or with subtle, narrow pinstripes
  • Black shoes

Lower Sixth

  • White shirt only
  • Approved school tie

Upper Sixth

  • Business shirt - light colours only - pastel shades. Subtle stripes and checked patterns are permitted
  • Approved school tie

PE and Games Kit

RGS PE and sports kit is provided exclusively by Tacklebag Limited and mostly manufactured by Canterbury of New Zealand; the kit is of high quality and is made with comfort and performance in mind and is also made to last. Clothing plus selected items of equipment can be purchased online (details below) or at periodic sales days held at the School. Certain items are required if they are competing regularly for School teams.

RGS PE kit

  • Polo shirt, PE shorts, white socks and trainers

Winter Games kit

  • Rugby: School rugby shirt (red and green hoops), rugby shorts, red socks, rugby boots and gum shield. School tracksuit bottoms and waterproof tracksuit top
  • Hockey: Polo shirt, PE shorts, red socks, hockey astro boots, shin pads and gum shield

Summer Games kit

  • RGS PE kit.
  • Cricket: School cricket shirt, cricket trousers, box, trainers or cricket boots with studs
  • Cross-Country and Athletics: Athletics vest

In addition, boys may purchase a house shirt. These are not required for house matches as the School has sets of these, but are optional for training and leisurewear

Sports Kit Suppliers

Sports kit can be purchased from:

Tacklebag Limited
2 Drummond Place
Twickenham, TW1 1JN

Telephone: 020 8740 4850
Website: www.rgs-sport.co.uk

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