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Tutor System

The tutor system is at the very heart of the pastoral life of the RGS and provides a supportive, individually-focused environment for the development of each one of the tutees.

Boys will be tutored by a different member of staff in their first three years at the School; thereafter they will have the same Tutor for two years. The Tutor is responsible for the supervision, guidance and care of the pupils in his or her Tutor Group, meeting them every morning and afternoon at registration at 8.45am and 1.55pm and, usually, teaching them one of their subjects during the week. Tutors keep records of attendance and academic progress for each boy in the group and are also aware of individual circumstances and needs. Tutors are ready to advise boys and their parents on options, university applications and possible careers. Tutor Groups form strong, cohesive bonds which provide stability, reassurance and confidence for the boys; these friendships often last well beyond the School.

Tutors are assisted by a Form Prefect for each form below the Sixth Form and, in each new First and Third Forms, Form Mentors. These are senior boys who have volunteered for this important pastoral role and have been chosen by the Tutor and Head of Year: they have also received training. The Form Prefect and Form Mentors attend Tutor Group meetings on a regular basis and are available to offer help and advice to younger boys.

"[The curriculum encourages] intellectual curiosity, creativity and excellent habits of learning"
ISI Report 2014