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The Head of Department appears in bold as the first name in each academic subject.   * denotes an Old Guildfordian


Senior Management Team    
JM Cox, BSc, PhD Southampton Headmaster, Biology
Mr GT Williams, MA Lincoln, Oxford Deputy Head (School Development), History
Mr AU Woodman BSc, MA Edinburgh; Kings College, University of London Deputy Head (Pupils), Biology
Mr PJ Dunscombe, BSc Sheffield Director of Studies, Careers and Higher Education, Mathematics
Mr JW Pressley, MA St Hugh's, Oxford Senior Master, Classics
Mr TW Shimell, M.Chem University College, Oxford Assistant Head (Partnerships), Chemistry
Mr NE Wild, BA St John's, Durham Assistant Head (Operations), Religion and Philosophy
Mr HR Wiggins, MA Trinity, Oxford Assistant Head (Teaching), History
Miss NS Goul-Wheeker, MA St John's, Oxford Assistant Head (Learning), Classics
Mr SJH Yetman, BSc University College, London Assistant Head (Co-Curricular)
Mr AMJ Curtis, MA St Edmund Hall, Oxford  
Miss KE Price, BA, MA (RCA) Middlesex; Royal College of Art Also teaches Design and Technology
Mr AN Rozier, BA West Surrey College  
Mrs RF Shepherd, BA Chelsea College of Art & Design  
EJ Hudson, MA, MSc, PhD King's, Cambridge; Imperial College  
Mr AH Dubois, BSc Aberdeen Housemaster of Austen
Mr JJ Richards, BSc * Durham  
Mr AJ Skitt, BSc Manchester  
Mrs JS Thorpe, BSc University of Wales, Cardiff  
Mrs K Walker, BSc Exeter Head of General Studies
Mr W-S Lau, M.Chem, MRSC Hertford, Oxford  
Mr SW Armstrong, MA Lincoln, Oxford  
ET Batchelar, M.Chem, D.Phil Jesus, Oxford  
JL Bodmer, BSc, PhD, MBA Birmingham; Brunel; Henley Examinations Officer
JS Braithwaite, BSc, PhD Imperial College, London; The Royal Institution of Great Britain  
LA Whall, BA, PhD St John's, Cambridge; Basel  
Mr EKD Bush, MA Exeter College, Oxford  
Mrs SE Besly-Quick, BA Magdelen, Oxford Head of Lower Sixth Form
Mrs S Cooper, BA St Anne's, Oxford  
Mr PG Nathan, BA St John's, Durham Also teaches Politics
Mr HAL Prentice, BA * Durham  
Mr DJ Woolcott, BA Reading  
Design and Technology    
Mr JB Kelly, BA, MA, MA (RCA) University of Wales, Newport; Royal College of Art, London  
Mr DM Hoyle, BEng Hertfordshire Head of Outdoor Pursuits
Mr KJ Knight, BSc, MSc Portsmouth  
Ms NC McClean, BA, MA Goldsmiths'; Birmingham  
Mr DS Wright, BA Nottingham  
Miss SKH Blair, BSc, MSc Cardiff Head of Fifth Form
Mrs PA Brooks, MBA Brunel  
Mr NW Gough, BSc, MSc Cardiff Head of Upper Sixth Form
Mr JM Wisson, BSc, MPhil, DPhil LSE; St Anne's, Oxford  
Mr AF Quenault, BA, MA, MA Durham; London; Open  
Mr D Amis, BA Univeristy of Wales, Cardiff College  
AHS Barras, BA, MA, PhD University of London  
Ms CJ Clarkson, BA Open  
Mrs HM Curtis, BA Reading  
Mr PM Leamon, BA Southampton Head of Third Form
Miss EJ Newton, BA, MA Selwyn, Cambridge;
IoE, University of London
Miss L Simpson, BA Reading  
The Revd JP Whittaker, MA Wadham, Oxford  
Mrs RG Waters, MA Robinson, Cambridge  
Miss GM Clements, BA Emmanuel, Cambridge  
Mr WD Cowx, BSc, MSc Aberystwyth; Salford Housemaster of Powell
Mr TAJ Rothwell, MA * Homerton, Cambridge  
Mr REJ Seymour, BEd, FRGS Leeds  
Mr RS Shipperley, BSc Cardiff  
Mrs PA Thomas, BSc, MSc, FRGS, MSB, Dip.Counselling University of East London  
Mr JC Witts, BSc Southampton  
Mr HR Wiggins, MA Trinity, Oxford  
Mr JAR Bass, BA, MA Leeds; King's College, London  
Mr AC Dodd, BA, MA * King's College, London Housemaster of Beckingham
VL Henshaw, BA, PhD Birmingham  
Mr JR Saxton, MA Hertford, Oxford  
Mr AJ Shakeri, BA Corpus Christi, Oxford Head of Second Form, International Links coordinator
Mr SG Black, MMath Keble, Oxford  
Mr JA Casale, BSc, MBA Bristol; City Housemaster of Hamonde
Mr C George, BSc Bristol  
Mr AR Gyford, MSci University College, London  
Mrs FA Hobbs, BSc Imperial College, London Teacher Training Mentor
Mr MR Jenkins, BSc University College of Swansea Senior Housemaster of Nettles
Mr MJ Jennings, BA Warwick  
Mr AWJ Jessett, MMath Bath  
Mr AB Kirkland, BSc King's College, London  
AA Page, BA, MSci, PhD Queens', Cambridge; Leicester  
Mrs SJ Perrett, BA Open  
Mr NC Pinhey, BSc Birmingham  
Mr P Robinson, BSc Leicester  
Mr AJW Thorn, MA Queens', Cambridge  
Mrs FM Wimblett, BSc Royal Holloway College, University of London  
Modern Languages    
Ms AVE Tournier, Lic. Lyon Head of French
Mr SJ Baker, BA Wadham, Oxford  
MM Creagh, BA, MSc, PhD Exeter; Nottingham; Exeter  
Mr PJ Hosier, BA, MEd University College, London  
Mr RJA Lemaire, BA Leicester  
Mr AR Lowe, BA Leeds Head of Spanish
Mr J Marchiafava, Lic. Toulouse 2  
Mrs M-L McCarter, Lic., MA Tours Head of German
Mrs RJ Rathmell, BA Exeter Volunteering Co-ordinator
Mrs CE Smith, BA University of London  
Miss GE Spencer, BA Nottingham  
Mrs N Wilson, BA Open  
Mr PH White, MA New College, Oxford  
Mr DH Chambers, BMus, PCASS Surrey; Royal College of Music  
Miss JE Newman, AGSM, CRD Guildhall School of Music and Drama  
Mr SJ Orchard, BMus, MMus University of London  
ER Thackrey, BMus, MMus, PhD Sheffield; University of London  
Physical Education    
Mr I Wilkes, BEd College of St Mark & St John  
Mr B Dudley, BSc Chichester  
Mr GDG Cover, BSc Brunel Head of First Form
Mr CR Mullon, BSc Stellenbosch Head of Hockey
Mr TP Rogers, BSc Loughborough Head of Rugby, Head of Fourth Form
Mr CJL Sandbach, BA Oxford Brookes Head of Cricket
Mr JP Hood, MA, MSci Selwyn, Cambridge  
Mr CS Bradford, MPhys St John's Durham Head of Scholars
Mr MA Burbidge, BSc, BA Birmingham; Open  
Mr LM Holland, BSc Birmingham Head of Electronics
Mrs NL Odhams, MA, MEng Newnham, Cambridge  
D Patel, BSc, PhD Surrey; Reading Head of Explorer Scouts
SG Thornhill, MA, DPhil Magdalen, Oxford  
Mrs D Whitehead, BTech Bradford Head of Admissions
Mr TJJ Owens, BA Collingwood, Durham Also teaches History
Religion and Philosophy    
Mr RB Meadowcroft, BA, MA St Chad's, Durham Head of PSHME
Mr MP Burgin * Oxford  
Mrs L Griffiths, BA Wesley College Head of Business Enterprise
Mrs HK Suenson-Taylor, BA King's College, London Housemaster of Valpy
Mr K Tayar, BA * Nottingham  
Learning Support    
Mrs MN Kennedy, BA University of London  


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